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seeded paper

all of our swing tags are printed with eco dyes onto recycled seeded paper.

find out how to plant them below:

1. find a suitable pot and fill 3/4 with soil  (ensure your pot has a drainage hole.)

2. soak your SOFO swing tag in room temperature water, place into your pot and cover with a thin coating of soil. ~ note: the seeded paper will only need a quick soaking, we don’t want to make it into papier-mâché.

3. place your pot in a nice warm sunny spot, water daily for the first week until your seedlings start to appear, it is very important for the paper not to dry out as this will stop the germination of the seedlings. 

4. sit back and watch your seedlings grow into a mini garden and don’t forget to water regularly.

wild flowers seeds include ~ birdsfoot trefoil, black knapweed, black medick, meadow buttercup, musk mallow, ox-eye-daisy, ribworth plantain, red campion, slad burnet, self heal, white campion, yarrow.